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We are a development company with many years of experience and an established position on the housing market. With success we have been operating since 1990!


Our mission is to create new residential, commercial and office space at affordable prices, combining comfort and quality. These measures take into account the environmental requirements and the needs of local communities.


About our company

Ezbud-Construction is one of the most experienced companies in the construction market and the real estate development in the region of Lodz. The company currently focuses on residential and commercial constraction, as well as sales, building management and real estate. As part of the „Ezbud Group” we also produce concrete and wholesale building materials. Our most important goal is to be consistent and strengthen the market position by providing customers with products and services of the highest quality.

Twenty-six years of experience allows us to invest and develop in the real estate market. We are able to quickly and flexibly adapt to market requirements, respond to changing conditions, properly identify investment directions. Our current and future investments are housing, commercial buildings, hotels and office buildings.

Ezbud-Construction is a company based on solid foundations. Significant equity and appropriate cooperation with the banks provides very good financial resources for the company, which is vey important in a fast changing real estate market, giving certainty and investment security.

We guarantee our customers the best satisfaction making sure agreements on the sale of premises will be fully accomplished. Our work does not stop only at the stage of investment, we support our clients in financing transactions, helping to choose the most favorable offers in the mortgage market.


Our ambition is to make Ezbud-Construction a permanent, stable and valued part of the economic landscape in the real estate market.


QR Ezbud-BudownictwoQR Code (QR jest skrótem od ang. Quick Response) – alfanumeryczny dwuwymiarowy matrycowy kwadratowy kod kreskowy wynaleziony przez japońską firmę Denso-Wave w 1994 roku.

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