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Ready to move in flats

For many of us finishing a flat with proper interior design is too big of a challenge. It seems that finding clothes is much easier than searching for finishing materials. Another problem is the current pace of life, as we do not have time for meticulous and time-consuming search – speed and quality counts.

In response to the increasingly busy customers interested in buying a new flat we prepared a program of interior designing. This program saves time and money and gives an ability to create a functional and unique interior. It includes cost of materials, labor and supervision during the finishing work until final acceptance of the flat is met.

Searching for appropriate flat finishing elements, seeking contractors and controlling progress – all these tasks, we take on ourselves, suggesting specific products, as well as providing professional services. Our specialists will help with an appropriate and functional interior design, a selection of finishing materials in accordance with your individual expectations. With the program, we offer a variety of materials and solutions that will lead to interesting arrangement effects. A wide range of colors and patterns makes it possible to choose something for everyone. With a big selection of materials of known and respected Polish manufacturers and their interesting designs, individual projects can be created.

We offer:

  • a wide range of products to choose from
  • fast and professional labor
  • consulting and professional services
  • individual projects in line with the expectations of the customer
  • time saving
  • warranty on the finished flats

Detailed information about the programs can be obtained at the sales office in Tomaszow Mazowiecki Ul. Wysoka 2/4 or by calling 44 723 30 94 ext. 22

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